Lake Mashu and Lake Kussharo winter tour

Lake Mashu and Lake Kussharo winter tour

Lake mashu and Lake kussharo is even more beautiful in wintertime!
For the casual visitor,it might be thrilling enough to hop in and out of the warm car at the various overlooks to see the striking contrast of white snow,blue sky and Mashublue
Our Snowshoe hike is an opportunity to explore the truly majestic winter beauty of Lake mashu and Lake Kussharo on foot.
showshoeing is a silent and contemplative activity,though it can be a good work out on the steeper slopes it is perfect for wildlife sightings and for identifying tracks in tne snow

River and Feild snowshose tour is designed for beginner snowshoers



snowshoeing is allowed throughout the feild of Lake mashu and Lake Kussharo.
snowshoes make it possible to travel through deep powdery snow.


there are very few suitable places aroud Lake mashu to enjyo sledding


wear layers of clothes
Guests are required to wear warm winter gear.we suggest a winter jacket,snow pants,gloves,hat, a light backpack is also a good idea to carry your camera,water and snacks
you must provide your own waterproof hiking boots, or idealy snowboots.
( warm snowboots available if you needed)

pick up service
free pick up /drop off available from JR Mashu station,JR kawayu station,Kawayu-onsen Teshikaga area  

Lake Mashu Half Day Snowshoeing Tour

Duration :2hours

Suggested start times :9:00AM or 1:00PM

Includes :guide,Snowshoes,poles snack,hot drink

price pre person (as a sole participant)8,000yen

price per person(in group of 2 )6,000yen
Lake Mashu Full Day Snowshoeing Tour

Duration :4hours

Sggested start times :9:00AM or 10:00AM

Includes :guides,snowshoes,poles,snack,hot drink

price pre person(as a sole participant)15,000

price per person(in group of 2 or more)10,000yen


 Lake mashu and Lake kussharo Full Day snowshoeing tour


suggested start time :9:00AM

incluse:guide,snowshoes,poles,snak,hot drink
Lunc is not included in fees

price per person(as a sole participant):18,000yen

price per person(as a group of 2 or more):14,000yen

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